Krishnavatara III The Five Brothers



Often, the available literature projects Krishna as a God (yes, he was Krishnavtara). However, very few view him as a human being and the nuances behind his personality. Furthermore, fewer people know his political genius and resourcefulness. In the adoration of his godly side and his image as the supreme master, they forget that he was a seasoned politician too.

They know his miracles, but they don’t know his skill behind them.

They know his leelas, but not the inspiration behind them.

People know about his Sudarshana, but not the archery skills he had.

Everyone knows how strong were Bheema, Balarama, Duryodhana and Jarasandha were. However, no one admires Krishna for his superhuman wrestling skills.

Everyone is aware of Arjuna’s inner dilemma and Krishna’s solution in Bhagavad Gita. However, very few know about the dilemmas he himself faced and how he overcame them.

Summary of Krishnavatara III

The series Krishnavatara brings out all the nuances of Krishna’s humane side. Especially, this book, Krishnavatara III The Five Brothers brings out all the above we mentioned.

However, this book can be read independently from the others in the series (in fact each one of them). Nevertheless, this book starts with Krishna’s entry into the grand canvas of Mahabharata. Apparently, Acharya Sandipani introduces Krishna to Drupada, who is torn by revenge and hatred for Dronacharya. To help him regain peace, Krishna organizes a grand Swayamvara for Drupada’s daughter Krishnaa or Draupadi. Accordingly, he plans to invite Pandavas as well. However, fate has its own way. The five brothers die in a palace fire; apparently.

Nonetheless, he continues on his way and eventually learns that Pandavas are alive. Thus, he begins his search expedition for the five brothers. With great trials, he locates them and convinces them to end their incognito.

Eventually, after some great tricks and politics and thanks to Arjuna’s archery skills, Krishna manages to help the former win Draupadi’s hand.

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