Aryaa – An Anthology of Vedic Women



History has been at large ‘His’ story. ‘Her’ story hasn’t received that due attention. Hence, Indic Academy has come up with Aryaa – An Anthology of Vedic women. And, the author of this article is one of the writers. This is an Anthology of women in India’s past, who shaped/reshaped the civilizational ethos for the good.

She was a wife, a mother, a queen-mother, friend, or anything she wished to be.

She protected the king, shaped an emperor, challenged a sage, etc.

A manifestation of eternally present Shakti, she was Aryaa.

This is a labour of love from the ten of us. We hope that this effort of ours is liked and received well by everyone.

Please note that all the authors have taken our creative freedom. However, we have tried to stay true to our history and literature.

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