Mother’s Love: Yashodha and Krishna


Yaksha to Yudhisthira:’Who is more nurturing than Earth?’


Once Balarama came running to Yashodha and said, ‘Mother, Krishna is consuming mud!’

Mother Yashodha rushed to Krishna, leaving aside all her chores. Anxious over Krishna’s welfare, she picked her child and asked, ‘Did you consume earth?’ Little did she realize that he is the one who consumes the entire universe! Yet, she was a mother and was bound to be worried about her offspring.

Krishna replied, ‘No mother, brother is lying.’

‘You are getting too naughty. I don’t believe you. Open your mouth!’ commanded the fortunate mother.

What followed left Yashodha flabbergasted. She could not believe her eyes. She saw outer space, mountains, islands, oceans, seas, planets, air, fire, moon, and stars. Indeed, mother Yashodha saw everything necessary for the cosmic manifestation, within his tiny mouth. Further, she became struck with awe, wondering if she was dreaming.

Mother’s Love

Firstly, the reason why I am reiterating this famous tale is that this experience is not exclusive to Yashodha. Allegorically, every mother experiences the entire existence within her offspring. There’s nothing apart from her child that she knows. Every mother finds Krishna, the complete one, in her child. Moreover, she sees her child in everything and everything in her child.

Basically, love is the very basis of human existence. Everyone desires to love and receive it back. However, fundamentally, love is energy. Yet, it is manifested in different forms. It manifests in your parents, siblings, friends, objects etc. i.e catalyzed by some force external to you.

Yet, philosophers mention a deep, unconditional love residing within you, which is independent of any catalyst. Everyone experiences this love in the mother’s womb. In that place, you are one with the universe, beyond duality. There, your nourishment happens without any struggle. Hence, the mother is the origin of that pure bliss. Isn’t Yudhisthira justified in the above answer?

Lastly, there is a reason why sages say, ‘न  मातुः परदैवतम् || ‘ (Mother is greater than Gods).

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P.C. Krishnabhumi

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