Freedom: thoughts on Independence day


Let us go back to certain fundamentals on this Independence day.

Micro to Macro

The theory of fractals vouches for ‘self-similarity’ i.e. from microcosm to macrocosm, the design remains the same-be it an atom or a galaxy or the very human life.

An electron in an atom is bound to its orbit. It’s a slave to nucleus until it is released from this vicious circle to infinite possibilities with a burst of energy. It transcends its limited trajectory into limitless possibility.

Similarly, slavery is the centrifugal force which binds human beings-not to a throne or an imperial government, but to his desires and limitations. Selfish interests, ego, desires were the source of this centrifugal force, which bound us to the British government. Eventually, a wave of energy got us out of slavery just like an electron.

Yet, is this the end of the journey? Is being free the end of an electron’s journey. Definitely not! It has Infinite energy states/directions/possibilities in which it can move. It can go haywire, causing atomic collisions while leading to wastage of energy, or some inspiration i.e. voltage can help it constitute a current.

Similarly, a free nation can choose to succumb to lethargy/greed/ignorance causing turmoil or to the contrary, some strong leadership can drive the nation, as voltage drives a current which can move mountains.

India after Independence

How did India fare in this regard? Opinions vary. While in comparison to our neighbour Pakistan (no offence) we might have fared better, we are still like the free electrons not knowing where to go. We are still riven by jealousy, greed, communal hatred, purposelessness, which has such deep roots that still a considerable proportion of the populace despises a strong leadership, a voltage which can move things.

Is it why Netaji Bose asserted for dictatorship for the first 5 years post-independence? Maybe that’s why that the great C Rajagopalachari believed that India received freedom far before it deserved it? Why did millions die in the transfer of power across borders? Why did Mahatma Gandhi die disappointed or disillusioned? Is this the communal, lethargic, uninspired India which Bhagat Singh feared? Worthy of a thought.

We can’t undo the past. But we can definitely try to emulate the electrons under a voltage. Let’s take care of our own lives. The nation will take care of itself. Let’s decide on incremental progress this Independence day.  Let’s see to it that the freedom bestowed upon us does not lead us to FREE-DOOM.

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Prasad Kulkarni is a Data and Analytics professional. At work, he analyses historical data and ponders over historical events otherwise.

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