Dusshasana speaks


The so-called shameless act

Honestly, I don’t regret what I did. Why should I?

I ascended to heaven after leaving the mortal frame. All my brothers attained the same destination. Hence, what’s the difference between the ‘so-called’ righteous Pandavas and we Kaurava Brothers.

You should know that even the vanquished have a voice, although it’s lost in the din of the trumpets blown by the victors. But who cares?

Everyone is puffed with the glories of Bheema and Arjuna. However, none of these heroes had the guts to come forward to stop me from committing the so-called ‘sin’ of disrobing Draupadi.

Moreover, Karna went a step forward to call her a ‘whore’. He was the one who incited me to disrobe her. So in reality, that sutaputra is to be blamed. Honestly, I virulently hated that loud-mouthed hero. Alas, my brother trusted him above all. However, the sutaputra cheated him in the worst possible way. Nonetheless, what would you expect of him? He had the same Kaunteya blood running through him.

My Justifications

Nothing happens without a reason. We had our reasons for our actions.

How would you feel if all of a sudden you were told that your kingdom is not yours but it belongs to your cousins? My brother Duryodhana did what an ambitious man would do. Actually, it was our father who was to blame. Why blame him too? The blame goes to that son of the maid, Vidura. He is the one who is responsible for the destruction of our race.

What would you do if your so-called cousin always bullied you? I virulently hated that glutton Bheema.

What would be your reaction if some throws away half of your kingdom to a few illegitimate cousins?

Won’t you retaliate after humiliation at your cousins’ palace by the hosts?

Above all, we did not have any respect for Draupadi, the woman marrying 5 men. Why should we respect a woman like her, after winning her as our slave?

Why didn’t the so-called ‘Dharmaraja’ ban the game after he became the emperor? Furthermore, why did he keep quiet at his wife’s disrobing? Not even Bheeshma stopped us. Haha…how could he stop us? He himself abducted Amba for his incompetent brother.

The Pandavas were no better

Everything happened as a result of my father’s ambitions and our uncle’s treachery. However, eventually, even Pandavas resorted to treachery inspired by that cowherd!

So, what makes us evil? My brother was a generous king, a great friend, a fierce enemy. He gave gifts in charity performed sacrifices and respected Brahmins.

Finally, we lived a lavish life, fought bravely and died a hero’s death. Those Pandavas were no better than us. In fact, they were eunuchs who couldn’t save their wife. Fie On them!

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