A Scientist takes us from 0 to 1. An Engineer take us from 1 to 99


It was the brilliant physicist James Maxwell who pioneered electrodynamics. However, it was a brilliant engineer like Oliver Heaviside who brought Maxwell’s theory into everyday life.

Transistor was invented in Bell Labs by 3 Scientists. Yet, engineers like Jack Kilby and Gordon Moore evolved it into integrated circuits, thus revolutionising the modern world.

Alan Turing is known as the father of computer science. But, brilliant engineers like Bill Gates made computing accessible to every table.

In today’s world, Data Scientists can build and test hypotheses. Still, you need Data Engineers and ML engineers to take it to production.

In conclusion, with all due respect, Scientists set us on a journey from 0 to 1. But, engineers take us from 1 to 99.(These lines have been borrowed and ‘re-engineered’ from Peter Theil)

Prasad Kulkarni is a Data and Analytics professional. At work, he analyses historical data and ponders over historical events otherwise.

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